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The PROSAFE Board is mandated to establish a PROSAFE Office to support the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Our Staff

Nicolaas Olie, Executive Director, took up his position in 2010. The Executive Director was appointed by and is accountable to the Board. He is responsible for the overall management of the Office and of the Joint Actions that are undertaken on a periodic and continual basis.

Ioana Zlotila has been with PROSAFE since 2010 and is now Deputy Executive Director, supporting Nicolaas Olie in the development and implementation of the organisation strategic plans and policies. She manages everyday functions of the office, providing leadership, direction and coaching the office staff. She also oversees the development of the Joint Actions throughout the entire project cycle from priority-setting and inception to the final acceptance by the European Commission, including monitoring the project budget and evaluation of the performance.

Maria Kies started working for PROSAFE in 2010 as an accountant. She is now the Financial Officer responsible for bookkeeping, financial administration and supports the Deputy Executiv Director in the financial reporting for the Joint Actions.

Rui Jorge Carneiro started working for PROSAFE in 2015 as a Project Assistant. Rui is in charge of the project administrative tasks, document processing, project correspondence, project filing system, meetings scheduling and technical support. Rui also provides direct assistance to Deputy Executiv Director in the project administration.

Sonja Brehonnet Linnea started working for PROSAFE in the end 2016 as an Administrative Assistant. Sonja in charge of the administrative tasks, mail registration, document processing, project correspondence, project filing system, meetings support.


PROSAFE also engages a number of thirteen consultants to provide expertise and to effectively support the work and facilitate the various Joint Actions and their activities.

For further information on how to contact the Office, please click here.

General Assembly

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PROSAFE Members form part of the General Assembly of PROSAFE to which observers may also be invited. The General Assembly shall appoint a Board which oversees the day-to-day management of the organisation and ensures that PROSAFE is run on a non-profit basis.
The General Assembly (GA) is responsible for approving, disapproving or amending the Strategic and Financial Plans of PROSAFE as recommended by the Board.

The GA meets twice a year to discuss issues related to market surveillance and product safety. Of particular importance is the informal nature of sharing and discussion with respect to non-compliant products found within the market during that periods in between the meetings, especially those which have just entered the market or which may be border-line cases.

In order to become a PROSAFE Member, you need to be an officer involved in market surveillance from a country member of the Council of Europe. Please email your application to the PROSAFE Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attaching a cover letter (including your contact details) and a description of your organisation. Membership is free!

Joint Actions

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PROSAFE coordinates various Joint Market Surveillance Actions every year co-funded by the European Commission. Click on the Joint Action Menu below to get more information on the various areas focused upon