JA2014 Workshop Ljubljana

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JA2014 Workshop and General Assembly Ljubljana

PROSAFE has organised the JA2014 Annual Market Surveillance Workshop in Ljubljana in conjunction with the General Assembly Meeting. The event was hosted by the Market Surveillance Inspectorate of Slovenia (MIRS). Meetings were held from 24 to 25 May 2016 and had as main subjects: the progress achieved by the product and market surveillance activities in JA2014, the other PROSAFE projects, stakeholder perspectives, online sales, cooperation with customs and impact improvement of other Joint Actions.

The annual meeting was opened by the State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Aleš Cantarutti, who congratulated the PROSAFE on the 25th anniversary.

"At the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, whose responsibilities include the protection of consumers and implementation of technical legislation, including the Regulation of accreditation and market surveillance, we are aware of the importance of effective surveillance of the regulations defining the technical requirements for non-food products. Although market control is a national obligation, joint action at an EU level is important. MIRS also recognises the added-value of the JAs,” said Aleš Cantarutti.

Mr Cantarutti asserted that good cooperation between market surveillance and customs authorities also contributes greatly to the compliance of products entering the market and to creating a level playing field for businesses. He also stated that online sales are a new challenge and the European Commission has already taken steps towards coordinated action preparing guidelines for market surveillance authorities.
Chief Market Inspector Andrejka Grlic said that MIRS has been participating in PROSAFE projects for 10 years, taking the lead of activity three times, and intends to continue to participate in PROSAFE projects.

The Agenda and presentations are available if you log in and then go to this page.

JA2014 Workshop Ljubljana