MSTyr WP1 WP3 and WP4 Meetings

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The participant authorities to the Market Surveillance Project TYRES 2015 (MSTyr15) took part on Tuesday, 20 September, to the Management team meeting (WP1) and to the WP3 (Training) and WP4 (Data collection and database) Joint Meetings. The agendas of the meetings are available here: WP1 - Meeting, WP3 &WP4 Joint Meetings.
The members received the tablets equipped with an application designed to help them during the inspections of tyres.
The MSAs will be able to upload information regarding the samples inspected and tested within the MSTyr15 project.
Every inspection of tyres will be added to the application and synchronized to a database, in order to be available for all the countries participating in the testing. Each authority will receive two tablets to use during the project.
During the WP3 (Training) and WP4 (Data collection and database) Joint Meetings, the developer made a detailed presentation and went through all the steps of adding a case into the application. This was the first training for the MSAs and another one  will follow. The participants will also have access to a screencast tutorial to get used to the tablets.
The application is still under development at the moment and other updates will be made in the following period in order to meet all the requirements of the inspectors.

MSTYR15 September 2016 meetings