MSTyr WP1 WP3 and WP4 Meetings

The participant authorities to the Market Surveillance Project TYRES 2015 (MSTyr15) took part on Tuesday, 20 September, to the Management team meeting (WP1) and to the WP3 (Training) and WP4 (Data collection and database) Joint Meetings. The agendas of the meetings are available here: WP1 - Meeting, WP3 &WP4 Joint Meetings.
The members received the tablets equipped with an application designed to help them during the inspections of tyres.
The MSAs will be able to upload information regarding the samples inspected and tested within the MSTyr15 project.
Every inspection of tyres will be added to the application and synchronized to a database, in order to be available for all the countries participating in the testing. Each authority will receive two tablets to use during the project.
During the WP3 (Training) and WP4 (Data collection and database) Joint Meetings, the developer made a detailed presentation and went through all the steps of adding a case into the application. This was the first training for the MSAs and another one  will follow. The participants will also have access to a screencast tutorial to get used to the tablets.
The application is still under development at the moment and other updates will be made in the following period in order to meet all the requirements of the inspectors.


Logo MSTyr15Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 (MSTyr15) is funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 and is focusing on a single main product: passenger car tyres. The project has been officially launched with a conference held in April 2016 in Brussels and the main presentation can be downloaded from here

Until early 2017, more than 1500 inspections of tyres will be organized as well as tests for energy efficiency (rolling resistance) and for safety (wet grip). For more information read the Press release which is available in the following languages:               
The first Newsletter has been published and translated in:            Bulgaria   Poland flag
The second Newsletter has been published in        
Fifteen market surveillance authorities are taking part in the project: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. 
The participating organisations are: 

2. FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, FPSH, BE
3. Commission for Consumer Protection, CCP, BG
4. Ministry of Economy, MINGO, HR
5. Estonian Environmental Inspectorate, KKI, EE
6. Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, FI
7. State Office for Legal Metrology and Verification of Rhineland-Palatinate, LME-RLP, DE
8. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI, IE
9. Consumer Rights Protection Centre, CRPC, LV
10. State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, VVTAT LT
11. Institut luxembourgeois de la normalisation, de l'accréditation, de la sécurité et qualité des produits et services, ILNAS, LU
12. Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, UOKIK, PL
13. National Authority for Consumers’ Protection, NACP, RO
14. Agency for Consumer, Food Safety and Nutrition, AECOSAN, ES
15. Swedish Energy Agency, STEM, SE,
16. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, MSIT, TR

The work programme consists of 6 “Work Packages”

WP1 – Management. PROSAFE provides the day-to-day management.
WP2 – Development and Implementation of Best Practice. The objective of this WP is to have all participating MSAs using common methods, protocols and checklists through developing and then implementing the guidelines throughout their activities whilst undertaking WP5 – and thereafter. 
 -Training for MSAs. A series of Good Practice Guidelines have been developed in order to train the MSAs:                                                                       

Module A - Good Practice Guidelines for Coordinated and Effective Market Surveillance of energy labelling of tyres
Module B - Summary of the legal background governing the labelling of tyres in the EU
Module C – Description of the tyre label
Module D – Guidance for inspecting the display of labels on tyres
Module E – Guidance for making an examination of technical documentation for tyre labels

A label inspection training has also been developed and is available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, GermanLatvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. A secondary objective is be to enable training to be easily accessible and to be further available to all EU MSAs, not just to those formally participating in this programme.

WP4 - Development and adoption of a database for recording the results of inspections. This work package brings a novelty into market surveillance by introducing an application specially created for this programme. The tool gives the MSAs the possibility to add all information collected after each tyre inspections into a database which can be accessed by any of the participants.

WP5 - Inspection and testing. The objective of this work package is to carry out an action for coordinated monitoring, verification and enforcement of class C1 (summer passenger car) tyres, subject to (REGULATION (EC) No 1222/2009, REGULATION (EU) No 228/2011, REGULATION (EU) No 1235/2011) using the Good Practices developed earlier in this programme.  A flyer with information about tyre labelling and the MSTyr15 project has been developed in order to be handed out to suppliers and distributors during the inspections of tyres.    

MSTyr15 flyer

 WP6 - Communication with stakeholders and wider dissemination. The objective of this work package is to make consumers and stakeholders aware of this programme; of its intents and achievements, both concerning the test results, and on a wider scale, to ensure the results are disseminated (for exploitation) to the widest possible audience.

MSTYR15 September 2016 meetings


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