Posted in 2014

The Activity will focus on lighting chains and LED lamps. This work will be able to draw on some of the experience from the previous lighting chains activity and work being undertaken by the LVD-ADCO.

Taking into account that 90 RAPEX notifications have been sent on LED lamps, lighting chains and tubes, since 2012, it was deemed important to implement a cross border market surveillance Activity regarding LED and CFL light sources. This decision was motivated by an increasing consciousness of shortcomings verified on LED and CFL light sources during investigations by market surveillance authorities.
During this Activity, authorities from Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden will carry out coordinated market surveillance in their national markets.

• To develop best practices and exchange experience with carrying out market surveillance activities for CFL and LED light sources;
• To detect dangerous CFL and LED light sources on the marketplace and take action against them.

The Activity anticipates the testing of an estimated 40 products.

LED CFL light bulbs