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Risk Assessment

• Establishment of RAF type risk assessment group - monitored by PROSAFE;
• Development of a Manual of contentious risk assessment cases and how they were resolved. Task C working group analysed 21 risk assessment cases at its meetings, e.g. fire extinguisher, sky latern, wooden toy dog, children’s trousers with a long drawstring around the waist; conveyor belt, cable reel,cigarettes lighters, tricycle, halogen lamps, charcoal grill, push chair, wheel chair swing, antenna amplifier etc.
• System for collecting and publishing data on probability factors;
• Risk Assessment training materials;
• Continuous development of risk assessment chapters in “The Book”
• Organisation of risk assessment seminars in 2009, 2010 and 2011 to discuss developments in the area of risk assessment for consumer products and to help promote the development and implementation of best practice in risk assessment for non-food consumer products.