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 Guidance material

• Analysis of stakeholder needs;
• Revision of existing corrective action guide (CAG);
• Production of other deliverables depending on needs identified.

Task D was meant to develop “Guidance material for external stakeholders”, hence the need to duly involve a good representation of the stakeholders interested in the performance of the Task.
As a project deliverable, PROSAFE issued a revised Corrective Actions Guide (CAG) and Annexes. A hardcopy can be obtained by writing an email to info@prosafe.org. If you are a producer or distributor of consumer products on sale in the European Union (EU), this Guide endeavours to provide general advice about what you should do if you have evidence that one of your products is unsafe.
The Guide is aimed particularly at management with responsibility regarding product safety compliance, quality control, legal affairs and public and corporate relations within businesses and organisations.


The main activity revolved around the development and subsequent training of a number of market surveillance officers via e-learning and training workshops.
Additionally, another activity was related to the assistance given by PROSAFE to assist market surveillance authorities to participate more in ‘exchange of officials’ by trying to act as a ‘match-maker’ between various market surveillance authorities. 
PROSAFE also assisted various national training activities by focusing the two European-level training workshops to ‘train the trainers’. This ensured a positive spill-over effect when these trainers returned back to their market surveillance authorities since they were able to further train other officers in what they had learnt.