CIMS Review in Bulgaria – Another success story                     Oct.2016                                                                                     

The Directorate General responsible for Market Surveillance within the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Services (SAMTS) has hosted the first CIMS Review of JA2015 coordinated by PROSAFE on 4-5-6 October 2016.

The Task Leader, who is also representing the Maltese market surveillance authority, together with other participating authorities from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia and The Netherlands took part in this CIMS Review. 

The cooperation, eagerness to share information and hospitality showed by the Bulgarian colleagues helped substantially to make this another success for PROSAFE.

The next CIMS will take place in The Netherlands and will be organized by NVWA, the Dutch market surveillance authority.

Power tools - testing safety requirements for dangerous tools Oct.2016

Circular saws are at the top of any dangerous tools list. Statistics indicate that tool-related injuries are on the rise and this might have a connection with the DIY revolution, which brings this kind of dangerous machinery in the hands of less experienced consumers.

power tools3This is why a number of 100 circular saws will be tested soon, during the Joint Action 2015. In the following months, the 10 participating Market Surveillance Authorities will sample the products with a focus on the whole hand-held electric circular saws market. This includes not only the professional market, but also the DIY consumer market. The participants expressed their concern that an important part of the professional tools have migrated into the DIY consumer market and cheap products with unknown brand names, often from outside the EU, come available in the lower end of the market.

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