News release 12.06.2019

Mid-term newsletter from the Joint Action 2016

The preliminary results of the Joint Market Surveillance Action on Consumer Products 2016 (JA2016) are now out and the overview of findings can be reviewed on the latest published Newsletter.

31 Market Surveillance Authorities from 24 European countries work jointly on consolidating and enhancing product safety through effective market surveillance across the European Economic Area (EEA). The project features a number of product-specific and capacity-building (“Method Development”) activities that support market surveillance in identifying and removing dangerous products from the Single Market. The first results demonstrate the achievements of the project to the benefit of the European consumer through the assessment of the risks associated with unsafe products and the enforcement measures taken by the participating authorities, e.g. removal from the market.

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News release 23.05.2018

Member States have successfully implemented all activities of JA2015

Joint Action 2015 announces its final results achieved within the project in its final newsletter. The JA2015 project will be officially over on 7 June 2018. Read more in the Newsletter and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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News release 21.11.2017

Europe fights unsafe products to protect consumers

Joint Action 2014 publishes their final newsletter describing the results obtained after a two-year concerted effort to detect and tackle unsafe products to safeguard European consumers. Stay updated with the project development, get in touch with the team for more details and do contact us for more information! 

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News release 17.08.2017

Europe fights unsafe products to protect consumers

Joint Action 2015 publishes their mid-term newsletter describing the results obtained so far in the project implementation.
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News release 01.11.2016

 Early results from Joint Action 2014

In a workshop at the end of May in Ljubljana, PROSAFE presented the progress achieved by the participants in the Joint Action 2014. 53 market surveillance officials and stakeholders attended the two-day meeting. The workshop demonstrated that considerable progress had been made and that sampling and testing were well underway in all the five product groups in the Action. Preliminary test results are now available and reveal that the market surveillance authorities have again identified the riskiest products on the market.

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News release 01.06.2016

Members States successfully launch JA2015 in end April 2016

PROSAFE continues the success from the Joint Action 2014 (the biggest PROSAFE Joint Action ever) and launches an equally large Joint Action 2015. In the coming two years, 35 market surveillance authorities from 26 EU Member States or EEA countries will identify and remove non-compliant products in five product categories: soothers and soother holders, plasticised toys, playgrounds, electrical household appliances and power tools.

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Newsletter 25.02.2016

JA2013 tackles  product safety issues

On 26 January, PROSAFE hosted a well-attended workshop to present the results of the Joint Action 2013. This project, supported by the European Commission, saw 25 authorities from 21 European countries take action against unsafe products in order to safeguard European consumers. 

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News release 27.04.2016

Keeping European Consumers Safe - Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Non-food Products 2015 Report

The European Commission has published in the beginnign of this week the Rapid Alert System 2015 report. PROSAFE congratulates the Commission on this achievement.

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