Posted in 2011

Timeline: 1 January 2012 to 30 April 2014

Objectives of the Joint Action
The primary objectives of the action were to continue to create the conditions whereby Member States could cooperate successfully on market surveillance activities and to co-ordinate a number of product-specific market surveillance activities. The project results were disseminated to the largest number of European national authorities possible.

The Joint Market Surveillance Action on GPSD Products 2011 is a single Action that includes three groups of activities:
• Method development activities purporting to develop methodologies and infrastructure that will support the market surveillance work in the Member States (and in PROSAFE).
• Product-specific activities that aim to increase the safety of the following categories:
Child care articles - wheeled child conveyances and baby bath tubs
Battery chargers
Lawn mowers
• Coordination activities are necessary to ensure a consistent approach throughout the whole project.

The horizontal component focuses on a number of important issues including:
• Improved coordination of all Joint Actions being managed by PROSAFE;
• Maintenance, implementation and further development of the existing best practice;
• Operation of existing systems such as the RAF, the Knowledge Base and initiatives promoting the continuous improvement of market surveillance, otherwise known as CIMS Reviews.
• Further development and creation of new e-learning initiatives;
• The development of an operational protocol to deliver a 'Home Authority' solution for Europe together with the identification of other operational protocols, which may improve the efficiency and effectiveness market surveillance.

Nineteen countries are participating within the financial framework of the project.

The Final Report is available here.