Toys 3 - Third Project on Acoustic Toys

Posted in 2014

Acoustic toys are being the main focus for this particular joint market surveillance action which will have its first kick-off meeting in September 2015. This is part of an even larger project coordinated by PROSAFE, called JA2014.

Work is already underway to develop draft plans and see how to best achieve the milestones and deliverables of this project.

Market surveillance authorities from 16 Member States are participating in this particular activity. 6 Project meetings will be organised in total and it is envisaged that the activity will take around 24 months to be finalised.

It is estimated that around 300 products will be extracted from the Single Market for appropriate testing according to EN71-1:2011+A2:2013

In addition, the priority list for toys which was developed in the previous joint action, will also be re-discussed and updated.