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The core tasks identified under EMARS 2 sought to continue the very usefull suite of tools and basic coordination activities developped under EMARS 1. The modular approach proposed by EMARS 2 had the advantage of ensuring that all member states, participating even at the lowest level in the project, would benefit from the results of the entire project. Liaison was maintained with other regulatory committees and ADCOs, customs authorities, other ongoing market surveillance initiatives, with market surveillance authorities from jurisdictions outside Europe and with external stakeholders.
• The continued operation and further development of the Rapid Advice Forum (RAF) and of the Knowledge Base;
• Annual compilation of market surveillance plans and the identification of Joint Actions and coordinated activities amongst the Member States;
• Six coordination meetings (see below);
• Two workshops and a final conference;
• Dissemination of the results of the project;
• Strategy for the further enhancement of market surveillance after the completion of the project.