Child care articles 5 Soothers and Soother Holders

Posted in 2015

The choice of Soothers and Soother Holders was made because these kinds of products are known to make approximately 44 injuries to children 0-4 years, according to Child Safety Europe (ROSPA). Some of the injuries are serious enough to require a visit to the emergency department each year.
The main issues seen with Soothers are risks of suffocation, choking on small parts, choking due to a lack of removal device, choking due to a lack of ventilation holes and chemical risks. Soother Holders were reported for hazards including choking on small parts, finger entrapment, strangulation on straps and sharp edges.

• to develop best practices and exchange experience with carrying out market surveillance activities for childcare articles
• to detect dangerous childcare articles on the marketplace and take action against them
• to build on the work undertaken during CCA1, 2, 3 & 4 - thereby increase the safety of products within this product category
• to continue to support harmonisation of market surveillance across the EEA within this product sector
• further update the CCA Priority List for future Joint Actions

This work will include surveillance activities, product testing, risk assessment of the products tested and eventual action needed to be taken. Appropriate test methods for the other products would be identified as needed depending on the products sampled.
The Activity anticipates testing an estimated 250 products with the results being presented at the final conference of the Joint Action.