The PROSAFE Board is mandated to establish a PROSAFE Office to support the day-to-day running of the organisation.

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Our Team

Ioana Sandu, Executive Director, took up her position in June 2018. Ioana Sandu has been with PROSAFE since 2010. The Executive Director was appointed by and is accountable to the Board. She is responsible for the overall management of the Office and of the Joint Actions that are undertaken on a periodic and continual basis. She develops and implements the organisation strategic plans and policies. She manages everyday functions of the office, providing leadership, direction and coaching the office staff. She also oversees the development of the Joint Actions throughout the entire project cycle from priority-setting and inception to the final acceptance by the European Commission, including monitoring the project budget and evaluation of the performance.

Petra Krčmářová started working for PROSAFE in May 2018 as a Junior Project Officer. She develops and disseminates communication materials and publications that increase the visibility of our projects among market surveillance authorities, the European Commission and stakeholders. Other responsibilities include project administrative tasks, project correspondence, social media content creation, e-learning, website development and content management, media support for events and conferences, and assisting the project management team.

Kyriakos Papazoglou started working for PROSAFE in June 2018 as a Project and Communications Officer. He develops the overall communication and stakeholder outreach strategy, overseeing that the objectives and targets of each communication tool delivered for our projects are met on time and with high quality standards. He supports the Executive Director in all issues related to project management, technical work and business development, managing communications that support the organisation goals and sustainable success.

David Bruno started working for PROSAFE in March 2019 as an Events and Operations Officer contributing to the projects PROSAFE coordinates from an administrative and logistical support angle. He is responsible for the organisation of project meetings and conferences, handling correspondence, providing full logistical support and coordinating with suppliers and other partners, verifying and processing reimbursements and other claims and invoices in relation the projects PROSAFE coordinates.

Luis Saez Jimenez joined the PROSAFE team in July 2019 as a Project Intern. Under the responsibility of the Executive Director, Luis will be assisting the project management team and will contribute to the implementation of the project level administrative and technical work.

Alev Parlak joined the PROSAFE team in February 2020 as a Project Financial Officer. She is responsible for carrying out the financial monitoring and reporting of the grants, performing the entire project and organisation accounting and verifying all financial aspects in the organisation of project meetings. She will also contribute to the preparation of the budget and project financial reports and provide contractual and financial advice to the Executive Director.


PROSAFE also engages a number of thirteen consultants to provide expertise and to effectively support the work and facilitate the various Joint Actions and their activities.

For further information on how to contact the Office, please click here.


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