Best Practices

Under the EMARS 1 project an effort had been made to identify best practice related to market surveillance techniques and these are being set down in a Book to be published at the end of the project. This marked an excellent first step towards encouraging a more constant approach to market surveillance throughout the EU. The activities undertaken under this theme were directed towards assessing the practical application of the Book developed under the EMARS 1 and then also using the Book as the basis for more detailed guidance in respect of specific products, sectors or directives and regulations. Attention wasl also given to identifying Best Practice with respect to cooperation with Customs.


  • Practical guidance to apply the EMARS Best Practice Book to different product sectors;
  • Guidelines, checklists and other material related to other issues where best practice can be identified.

Joint Actions

The project sought to identify the best practice emerging from the Joint Actions undertaken in the past few years. In particular, attention was given to the experience being gained with the large number of member states participating in the cigarette lighters project, the collaboration with customs being undertaken in this and other projects and to identifying different levels of engagement that member states can have in Joint Actions so as to encourage as many national organisations as possible to participate in future projects.The best practice so identified was used to develop guidelines and procedures for the more efficient execution of Joint Actions.


  • Development of best practice handbook for the planning and implementation of Joint Actions;
  • Annual inventory of national market surveillance plans;
  • Annual programmes of Joint Actions and coordinated market surveillance activities 

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