Joint Actions on Harmonised Products

JAHARP2020 Triplet, JAHARP18 and JAMach14 are European Union (EU) co-funded Joint Actions coordinated by PROSAFE aiming to raise the level of market surveillance in the product areas concerned, thereby contributing to a more uniform application of the rules set out in the applicable EU harmonised legislation.


The JAHARP2020 Triplet represents three Joint Market Surveillance Actions on Harmonised Products 2020 - JAHARP2020-1, JAHARP2020-2 and JAHARP2020-3 all running from May 2021 to May 2023 with a participation of 29 Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) from 22 EU Member States. 

The Actions will examine the safety of products concerned and will co-create a harmonised approach for the assessment of the administrative requirements for product sectors under Regulation (EU) 2019/1020.


JAHARP18 is a Joint Market Surveillance Action on Harmonised Products 2018 which started in November 2019 and will finish in August 2022 involving 11 MSAs from 9 European Union Member States. 

The participating MSAs will inspect and test products under the Recreational Craft Directive and the Low Voltage Directive improving the product safety in the Single Market and will develop common tools for MSA Officers to check their conformity and safety. 


JAMach14 was a Joint Market Surveillance Action implemented between January 2016 and February 2018 with a participation of 15 Market Surveillance Authorities from 13 Member States. 

This Joint Action has tested chainsaws and vehicle servicing lifts ensuring their compliance with the Machinery Directive and the relevant harmonised standards. 

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