News release 27.04.2016

Keeping European Consumers Safe - Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Non-food Products 2015 Report

The European Commission has published in the beginnign of this week the Rapid Alert System 2015 report. PROSAFE congratulates the Commission on this achievement.

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Newsletter JAChina2 31.10.2015

Cooperation between Chinese Export Control Authorities and the European Product Safety Authorities Enters the Practical Phase

November marks the beginning of the practical cooperation in the Joint Action China. Laboratory Comparison Tests will start beginning of November with the aim to verify that Chinese and European laboratories assess non-compliances the same way and arrive at the same conclusions. Shortly after, a practical pilot will launch in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Rotterdam to explore whether Chinese and European authorities can use each other's control information to target their own controls more efficiently on those goods that compromise the safety of the consumers and the wealth of our societies.

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Newsletter 19.05.2015

Mid-term conference presents the good progress in JA2013 

In a workshop in beginning of May in Warsaw, PROSAFE presented the progress achieved by the participants in the Joint Action 2013. The two-day meeting was attended by some 35 market surveillance officials and stakeholders. The workshop showed that sampling and testing is well on the way for all five product groups addressed by the Action. Preliminary test results already reveal that the market surveillance authorities have been able to pick the most risky products from the market in their work. 

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Press Release 13.05.2015

Start of the EEPLIANT 

With the kick-off conference held from 29 to 30 April 2015 in Brussels, the EEPLIANT Action has been officially launched. The key objective of the EEPLIANT is to help deliver the intended economic and environment benefits of the EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign legislations by increasing the rates of compliance with the EU energy efficiency requirements. Please also follow us on  Twitter Button s @EEPLIANT

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Newsletter 01.04.2015

JA2013 Chemicals in Clothing - Progress during March 2014 - March 2015

The Joint Action 2013, Activity Chemicals in Clothing issued a Newsletter for stakeholders mid-term to give an update on the progress achieved so far. The working group is awaiting for the results from the testing of the samples they collected during the winter 2014/15. The project has a further twelve months to run and will conclude with the Final Workshop for JA 2013 which will probably be held in February 2016.

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Newsletter 12.02.2015

Joint Market Surveillance Action 2012 is closing

Joint Actions 2012 (JA2012), a project coordinated by PROSAFE is coming to an end. The project targeted CO and smoke detectors, cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing, nanotechnology in cosmetics, high chairs and ladders as well as a number of method development, project management and coordination activities. PROSAFE organised a final workshop on 11 February 2015 that was attended by 49 representatives from the Member States, the European Commission and stakeholders.

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Newsletter 09.08.2014

JA2012 Progress Presented at Workshop on Brussels

PROSAFE recently showcased the progress that has been made with Joint Action 2012 in a workshop in Brussels  (13 - 14 May 2014) attended by 39 market surveillance officials and stakeholders. Twenty-one Member States were represented.   

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Newsletter JA2011 21.03.2013

Joint Market Surveillance Action 2011 closed

Joint Actions 2011, a project coordinated by PROSAFE that brought together 28 authorities from 19 EU and EFTA countries, came to an end. With this occasion PROSAFE organised a final conference on 19 February 2014. The project targeted battery chargers, wheeled child conveyances, baby bathtubs, fireworks and lawn mowers.

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