Newsletter 03.07.2012

PROSAFE Releases App to Help Consumers Tan Responsibly

In more than half of the sunbeds in tanning salons and similar facilities in Europe, the UV radiation emitted exceeds the legal limit of 0,3 W/m2. This can be concluded from the results of a Joint Action by market surveillance authorities from twelve European countries. The action also found that many tanning facilities fail to provide sufficient information on the risks of tanning and that individual guidance and tanning advice is frequently not given.

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Newsletter 27.07.2011

PROSAFE Coordinates Market Surveillance Activities on Five More Products - JA2010

Market surveillance activities will shortly commence on five more consumer products in the framework of a Joint Action 2010 coordinated by PROSAFE, the Product Safety Forum of Europe.

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Newsletter 17.06.2011

Commissioner Dalli at PROSAFE’s Twentieth Anniversary

PROSAFE has celebrated twenty years of activity in the area of market surveillance and product safety on 16 June 2011. With this occasion, PROSAFE organised a mini symposium chaired wonderfully by Baroness Christine Crawley.

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Newsletter 15.04.2011

Joint Action Opinion on King Size Lighters (XXL Lighters)

The Joint Action on Lighters has seen a couple of cases where very large lighters have been placed on the market by economic operators. The participating market surveillance authorities have discussed how to treat such lighters, and have ettled on the following opinion.

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Newsletter 17.03.2011

Reinforcement of joint efforts from market surveillance authorities and customs against dangerous cigarette lighters

PROSAFE and the market surveillance authorities in 13 European Member States are together with customs authorities reinforcing their activities against unsafe lighters to further step up action to enforce the lighters decision. It lays down legal requirements for cigarette lighters to be child resistant and puts a ban on novelty lighters.

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Newsletter 14.12.2010

Joint Action on Baby walkers finished, but safety awareness needs to be increased!

Market Surveillance Authorities around Europe were busy this year carrying out a joint action on baby walkers found on the European market. These articles of child care were one of the joint actions undertaken by Prosafe and co-funded by the various member states participating as well as the European Commission. Twelve member states participated during this joint action on market surveillance which had a time span of 13 months.

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Newsletter 25.10.2010

EU Member States Take Action - The Joint Action on leisure helmets

Recent skiing accidents have drawn the attention of Market Surveillance Authorities to the broader question of wearing helmets. PROSAFE has brought together eleven EU Member States and relevant stakeholders, in order to run a Joint Market Surveillance Action on helmets. The Joint Action formally started in December 2009 and ended in November 2010. The project was co-funded by the European Union.

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Newsletter 31.05.2010

Information Video on Unsafe Cords and Drawstrings in Children’s Clothing

A recently finished joint action undertaken by PROSAFE and 11 Member States showed that children’s clothes with noncompliant cords and drawstrings are still too common on the European market. Therefore a video has been produced to inform manufacturers, importers, designers, retailers and parents about unsafe ords and drawstrings on children’s clothes.

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