Newsletter Lawn mowers 14.01.2014

JA2011 completes testing of Lawn mowers

The Joint Action 2011 has recently completed the testing of 25 lawn mowers. Tho thirds of the tested lawn mowers did not comply with the safety requirement. The results of these and the other product tests in this Joint Action were presented at the final conference of teh Action on 19 February 2014.

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Newsletter 12.11.2013

PROSAFE Autumn 2013 Meetings held in Prague

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority hosted the Second European Market Surveillance Workshop JA2012 and the PROSAFE General Assembly Meeting from 11 to 13 November 2013 in Prague.

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Newsletter JAChina2 31.10.2013

Cooperation between Chinese Export Control Authorities and the European Product Safety Authorities

September 2013 marked the shift from the first to the second stage of a successful cooperation between the Chinese export control authorities and the European product safety control authorities aiming at increasing consumer confidence in the safety of products and facilitating the trade between Europa and China.

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Newsletter JAChina 28.01.2013

Cooperation between Chinese Export Control Authorities and the European Product Safety Authorities

JAChina made good progress with the activities planned for teh first part of the action. The First mission to China was successfully completed in October-November 2012.

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Newsletter 19.12.2012

Joint Action on Lighters Final Conference - Presenting results obtained after almost 5½ years of dedicated work

Since September 2007 PROSAFE and its members have undertaken joint market surveillance activities on lighters. The purpose has been to check whether only lighters that are safe and child-resistant are placed on the market and to improve collaboration among market surveillance authorities across the EU. The activities involved 17 EU and EEA Member States in two Joint Actions, and additional 12 countries associated on their own to the Actions. Both Joint Actions were co-funded by the European Union.

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Newsletter 16.07.2012

Workshop Recognises Progress on Testing in Joint Market Surveillance Action 2010

Bonn recently played host to a Workshop held within the framework of PROSAFE’s JA2010.
JA2010 brings together 21 European countries to sample and test five different consumer products. These are children’s fancy dress, food imitation products, ladders, laser pointers and visibility clothing and accessories. The European Commission co-funds the project.

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Newsletter 03.07.2012

PROSAFE Releases App to Help Consumers Tan Responsibly

In more than half of the sunbeds in tanning salons and similar facilities in Europe, the UV radiation emitted exceeds the legal limit of 0,3 W/m2. This can be concluded from the results of a Joint Action by market surveillance authorities from twelve European countries. The action also found that many tanning facilities fail to provide sufficient information on the risks of tanning and that individual guidance and tanning advice is frequently not given.

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Newsletter 27.07.2011

PROSAFE Coordinates Market Surveillance Activities on Five More Products - JA2010

Market surveillance activities will shortly commence on five more consumer products in the framework of a Joint Action 2010 coordinated by PROSAFE, the Product Safety Forum of Europe.

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