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CIMSPROSAFE has been organising CIMS Reviews since 2010. 

CIMS stands for Continuous Improvement in Market Surveillance. A CIMS Review is an objective & external review done by peer market surveillance authorities (known as the reviewers) on a particular market surveillance authority (known as the host) which invites them to review and assess particular market surveillance functions for the scope of improvement. Both the reviewers as well as the host authority benefit from such an experience by sharing best practices amongst each other.

Country  Host   Year
Malta  The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority  2010 & 2013
Slovenia  Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia  2010
Germany  Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection  2012
Lithuania  The State Non Food Products Inspectorate  2012
Czech Republic  The Czech Trade Inspection Authority  2013
Sweden  The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board  2014
United Kingdom  The Trading Standards Institute (also included the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and other related entities at local level)  2014
Poland  The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection  2015
France General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control  2016
Bulgaria      Directorate General for Market Surveillance within SAMTS  2016
The Netherlands The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority  2017

To see all the CIMS Review Reports, please log into the Members area of the PROSAFE website and go to the respective Knowledge Base.

Gunnar Wold, the CIMS Task Leader from 2010 to 2013, declared the following: "Based on the experience from various CIMS reviews I can confirm that the methodology is an excellent tool in the process of improving market surveillance. The methodology focuses on both procedures and organizational issues and the reviews are carried out in a friendly atmosphere that inspires all participants to engage themselves in the improvement process. I would strongly advise all market surveillance authorities to join in".
Michael Cassar, the current Leader, says that "CIMS is an important tool for both the host authority and the review team; both stand to gain from this experience." 

What does PROSAFE do in all of this?
PROSAFE helps in identifying suitable market surveillance authorities as reviewers for the host market surveillance authority. Additionally, the entire activity is coordinated via a task coordinator (consultant) to assist both the reviewers and the host authority in:
- Assisting the host market surveillance authority to identify suitable reviewers;
- Gathering information via simple questionnaires from the host authority;
- Identifying suitable dates for everyone for the actual CIMS review at the host authority;
- Preparing all the documents and reports for the review itself;
- Documenting and finalising the CIMS Review report in coordination with the reviewers and host authority.

For further information, kindly contact Michael Cassar, the Task Leader on CIMS on or send an email to the PROSAFE Office on .