PROSAFE appoints new Executive Director

PROSAFE appoints new Executive Director

PROSAFE is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Executive Director with effect from 14 June 2018. Ioana Zlotila has been promoted to the position of Executive Director in place of Nicolaas Olie. Ioana joined PROSAFE in 2010 and became an important part of PROSAFE’s success story since then. Drawing on her years of experience, Ioana will provide fresh insights to PROSAFE day-to-day business and priorities, as PROSAFE continues to transform and grow at an accelerated pace to ensure the delivery of the best value in market surveillance activities across Europe for the benefit of European consumers.

A new chapter in PROSAFE’s history has just begun under Ioana’s new leadership. In her own words, “I am embarking on a new future together with our partners across Europe and beyond and the European Commission to provide an improving consistent service to the European citizens. The past is our lesson. The present is our opportunity. The future of the European market surveillance is our challenge and motivation. We are ready to embrace change bringing PROSAFE into a new stage of growth and development”.


PROSAFE (Product Safety Forum of Europe), a non-profit organisation that brings together market surveillance officers from all over Europe and across the world. Discover more about PROSAFE’s news and project results by following us on Twitter at @PROSAFE_ORG.




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