Project Coordinator at PROSAFE and JA2016 Personal Protective Equipment Task Coordinator

Ian Fraser

A qualified occupational health and safety expert, Ian FRASER worked for many years in industry in the UK and France, before joining the French Ministry of Labour in 1995. He was involved in transposing and implementing EU Directives on the design and use of PPE, Machinery and Work Equipment. In particular, he was instrumental in establishing the first national system of market surveillance, testing ideas that later inspired the EU Market Surveillance Regulation.
In 2002, he transferred to the European Commission, working at the DG Enterprise and Industry in the Unit responsible for many of the ‘New Approach’ product safety Directives. He was Team Leader for the Machinery, Cableways, Lifts, ATEX, PPE and Outdoor Noise Directives. He was General Editor of the Commission’s Guide to application of the Machinery Directive.
He retired from the Commission services in 2014 and has since been working as an Independent Product Safety Consultant. He has helped to coordinate several Joint Market Surveillance Actions with PROSAFE on consumer products as well as products for professional use. He still finds time for swimming, sailing and cycling.