Joint Action on Machinery 2014

JAMACH 14 is a Joint Market Surveillance Action concerning two categories of machinery: chainsaws and vehicle servicing lifts. The project involves 13 Member States coordinated by PROSAFE and is supported by the European Commission. The project last for 18 months from 1 January 2016 to 28 February 2018.


They are extensively used by both professional forestry workers and by consumers for gardening and cutting firewood. They involve risks of serious cutting injuries due to contact with the high-speed chain. Since the chain cannot be fully guarded during use, protective measures must be taken to prevent contact. chainsaw 303423 960 720

During the Joint Action, chainsaws will be sampled and tested in a common Test Laboratory to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive and the relevant harmonised standards.

Vehicle servicing lifts (VSLs)

car repair icon 8149 0The risks associated with VSLs used in garages for repair work are due to the fact that the operators work underneath the raised load. Protective measure must be taken to prevent all unintended movements of the load. VSLs will be inspected and tested on site with the help of a Technical Expert engaged for the project. The results of the tests and inspections will be analysed and the risks created by non-compliant products will be assessed. Non-compliant products will be followed-up with the economic operators.

Project Objectives:

  • To provide a comprehensive picture of the market for chainsaws and vehicle servicing lifts;
  • To identify and deal with non-compliant products;
  • To reduce risks of serious injuries to consumers and workers:
  • To reduce unfair competition on the market resulting from non-compliant products;
  • To ensure a durable improvement of the level of compliance and safety of these products;
  • To raise the profile of market surveillance of machinery in general.

Furthermore, the Joint Action will identify and employ best market surveillance practices that will be of use to all of the EU market surveillance authorities in their future work.

Project Milestones:

  • The establishment of the common checklist, sampling scheme and testing and inspection criteria;
  • The signature of the contract with the selected Test Laboratory and Technical Expert;
  • The examination of the results of testing and inspection and the risk assessment for non-compliant and unsafe products;
  • The sharing of the results of the Joint Action with the EU market surveillance authorities and the publication of the Final Report.

The Joint Action is expected to produce a durable improvement in the level of compliance and safety of chainsaws and vehicle servicing lifts, to give a higher profile to market surveillance of machinery in general and to contribute to the development of good market surveillance practices.