JA2008 - Cords and Drawstrings 1

The Joint Action on Cords and Drawstrings on Children’s Clothing was inspired by the annual market surveillance plans of the Austrian and Estonian market surveillance authorities which wished to start campaigns in this product area.

Under the coordination of PROSAFE, representatives from 11 EU Member State authorities and other relevant stakeholders regularly participate in the joint action activities in order to decrease the amounts of children’s clothing placed on the EU market that are unsafe with regard to cords and drawstrings.

In connection with the EMARS II project, a subordinated objective of the cords and drawstrings joint action is to identify experience related to best practice techniques with running a joint market surveillance action that involves many Member States. This target includes for instance:

  • Promotion of a harmonised approach to the market surveillance and enforcement of the safety requirements for cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing.
  • Promotion of cooperation between market surveillance authorities and national customs.
  • Acquisition of additional experience of with the execution of joint actions and enforcement of their outcomes.

The achievements of the Joint Action include the following:

  • Publication of common press releases with advice and recommendations to consumers (parents) that purchase children’s cloths.
  • Joint laboratory testing, discussion and joint risk assessment of a range of children’s garments.
  • Continuous liaison with business and standardization stakeholders.
  • Compilation of a checklist for inspectors.
  • Production of an Expert Paper and a video presenting an overview of commonly found non-compliances related to cords and drawstrings on children's clothes.
  • Compilation of a Checklist for inspectors and custom controls.
  • Publication of a Technical Report.