JAHARP 2021-05 - WLAN 5GHz

Work Package Coordinator: PROSAFE, BE
Work Package Leader: OFCOM, CH

05 WLAN final


The objective of this project is to ensure that non-compliant radio equipment WLAN 5GHz are removed from the Single Market by supporting EU MSAs in their market surveillance activities with respect to EU harmonised legislation in the long-term. Furthermore, it aims to verify the compliance of the tested products with the applicable standards and requirements, and ensure enforcement of the applicable Union legislation regardless of whether products are placed on the market via offline, online or other means of distance sales and regardless of whether they are manufactured in the Union or not – that is, bringing products into conformity or removing them from the market.


The main objectives of this project are summarised as follows:

  • Provide information on the state of compliance and safety in the market for radio equipment WLAN 5GHz;
  • Identify and deal with non-compliant products, ensuring that unsafe products are brought into conformity or are withdrawn from the market;
  • Identification and sharing of good practices;
  • Reduce unfair competition resulting from the presence of non-compliant products on the market;
  • Raise awareness among manufacturers, importers, distributors and other concerned stakeholders about the problems identified on the market, with a view to ensuring a durable improvement of the level of compliance and safety of the product;
  • Increase the profile of market surveillance of radio equipment WLAN 5GHz.
  • Create multiplier effects through the dissemination of the project outcomes
  • Present pragmatic policy and non-policy recommendations


6 Market Surveillance Authorities from the following 6 countries: France, Greece, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland (outside the framework of the Grant Agreement).