JAHARP2020-1 -Work Package 1 – Gas Cooking Hobs and Hot Plates

Work Package Leader: TUKES, FI
Work Package Coordinator: PROSAFE, BE


The purpose of this work package is to check whether manufacturers of gas cooking hobs for domestic use and gas cooking hot plates and hobs for leisure vehicles use are conducting adequate analysis and assessment of the risk(s) during the conformity assessment procedure, as required in Annex III of the GAR. Particular attention is drawn both on “vertical” and “horizontal” aspects” checking for the “vertical” aspect of the number of appliances that will be non-compliant to the relevant applicable requirements, and for the “horizontal” aspect, evidence of significant differences in the way conformity is checked/declared including the level of non-compliance amongst the two different types of appliances and relevant market players. 

The activity will aim to purchase a proportion of samples from online sellers/marketplaces. These will be, if possible, exclusive online sellers rather than the hybrid type such as established high street shops also having an online presence. Besides product testing, the activity will check the EU declaration of conformity and relevant parts of the technical documentation


The main objectives of the work package are summarised as follows:

• To survey the state of compliance and safety internal market for gas cooking hobs for domestic use and gas cooking hot plates and hobs;
• To identify and deal with non-compliant products, bring to conformity unsafe products and/or withdrawal from the market;
• To reduce risks of accidents;
• Reduce unfair competition;
• Improving effectiveness of market surveillance in the e-commerce habitat.

Furthermore, the Work Package will ensure a durable improvement of the level of compliance and safety of the sampled/concerned products by strengthening cross-border market surveillance through a harmonized Union legislation.


15 Market Surveillance Authorities from the following 14 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia.