JA2008 - Sunbeds & Solarium

The Joint Action on Sun Beds and Solarium Services 1 relates to both the GPSD (in particular articles 3, 8, 9 and 10) and the LVD (in particular article 2). It also considers the provisions of the standard EN 60335-2-27 (and its revisions based on a mandate from the European Commission to CENELEC).

The impulse for starting such a joint action was given by the assumption that producers, importers and service providers on the European market do not fully comply with the safety requirements as given in the mentioned directives.The proposal for the joint market surveillance action in this area has been prepared by the Netherlands as a part of the EMARS I project that is coordinated by PROSAFE.

The Joint Action on Sun Beds ended in with a successful final work shop in December 2009. The main achievements of the Joint Action include the following:

  • Training of inspectors;
  • Numerous inspections in tanning studios and other premises;
  • On site measurements of UV radiations from sun beds with high tech measuring equipment from the Netherlands in all participating member states (except for Belgium which has own measuring equipment);
  • Frequent liaison with stakeholders;
  • Release of 3 Newsletters, a press release and regular media presence.