JAHARP2020-2 Work Package 3 - Non - Refillable Helium Cylinders

Work Package Coordinator: PROSAFE, BE
Work Package Leader: CRPC, LV


The scope of this Work Package is to generate measurable and verifiable impacts in the most effective manner by surveying the state of compliance and safety in the internal market. Moreover, the intent is to create multiplier effects through the dissemination of the project outcomes beyond its lifecycle and the replication or extrapolation of methods, lessons-learnt and best practices to future national and EU product market campaigns (also in cooperation with Customs). Overall, the project intends to present a pragmatic and feasible policy or non-policy recommendations and strategies that can help the European Commission (EC) address the challenges and seize the opportunities for market surveillance on products covered by Union harmonization legislation.


The main objectives of the work package are summarised as follows:
▪ Identification of non-compliant non-refillable helium cylinders and appropriate actions to bring them into conformity or remove them from the market;
▪ Identification and development of best market surveillance practices for future actions;
▪ A durable improvement of the general level of compliance and safety of non-refillable helium cylinders;
▪ A higher profile for market surveillance of TPE in general;
▪ Appropriate responses from Standardisation Organisations and Notified Bodies to issues identified during the Joint Action.


5 Market Surveillance Authorities from the following 5 countries: Croatia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Luxembourg and Slovenia.