Jeremy Tait


 Jeremy rounded

Technical Facilitator/Senior Market Surveillance Expert

Running Projects: JAHARP2021 Omnibus.


Jeremy Tait of Tait Consulting GmbH is a mechanical engineer and electrical appliance policy specialist for ecodesign and energy labelling. He has over twenty-five years’ experience working with Governments, national and international agencies and business on improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of appliances and equipment. Jeremy has led development of test methods (technical standards), design of energy label performance thresholds and minimum standards and worked closely with market surveillance authorities to develop good practice for assessment of technical documentation, appliance lab testing and compliance verification. Jeremy’s recent work has included implementing energy efficiency standards for electric motors in Egypt with market surveillance strategy, work package facilitator on EEPLIANT2 EU market surveillance project, developing appliance repairability assessment methodologies and training market surveillance inspectors in Montenegro on energy labelling and ecodesign.