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Head of Sectors – SPFE

Mr Verckens is the Head of Sector of SPF Economy, SME, Self-employed and Energy since 2017. Responsibilities related to his role include arranging Market Surveillance Campaigns for Energy Labelling, Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Gas Appliances, and Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres. He is a chairman of the Low Voltage Directive Administrative Coordination Group (LVD AdCo) since 2018, and he is also an active participant of the AdCo Energy Labelling group (ENERLAB AdCo).
He is an expert on product safety since 2012 and he participates in projects of PROSAFE such as EEPLIANT2014 and EEPLIANT3 since 2015.
Mr Verckens became a member of the PROSAFE Board since 2022.
He holds a Master of Science in Physics and Astronomy.