Technical Facilitator

Running Projects: Management of the Administrative and Technical Secretariat of the "Coordination groups for Administrative Cooperation on Market Surveillance”


Tryggvi Axelsson has been the Director of Consumer Agency in Iceland – under the Ministry of Business and Innovation for over 15 years. His professional experience included the strategic planning of market surveillance activities for various product-specific areas such as helmets, lighters, playgrounds, toys, personal protective equipment, and childcare articles. He had important roles of representation of Iceland at the EU Committees on product safety and internal market (DG JUST and DG GROW) as well as in the Administration Coordination for Toys and Pyrotechnics (TOYS AdCo and PYROTEC AdCo).

Tryggvi Axelsson has extensive experience working as head of department for the Icelandic Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Business and Innovation. Also, he worked as the Director of the National Office of Weights, Measures from 2003 to 2005.

Mr Axelsson holds a Master Degree of Law and a Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA).