EMARS was the first major EU-funded project that PROSAFE has undertaken. It was a three year project which started approximately at the beginning of 2006. EMARS 1 aimed to achieve a basic level of expertise and practical experience throughout most of the market surveillance organisations within Member States of the EEA (European Economic Area).

Deliverables from the EMARS 1

  • The Rapid Advice Forum (RAF) is a closed network of market surveillance officials who exchange information with each other on an informal level and supply adviceare on about new and emerging problems. Further information on the RAF can be found here.
  • The Knowledge Base has been set up with documents relating to market surveillance. Further information can be found on this page.
  • Risk Assessment

The main deliverable is the chapter on risk assessment that can be found in the book on Best Practice techniques. The work package also provided useful support to the European Commission's IRAG group revising the Rapex Risk Assessment Guidelines. More information on IRAG can be obtained from here.

  • The Training Strategy outlines a programme based on six pillars. These are: 
  1. National training in Member States
  2. Web-based learning
  3. Workshops
  4. Exchange of officials
  5. Joint projects
  6. Train-the-trainers.
  • A Strategy for the Further Enhancement of Market Surveillance was developed following a long process of consultation and reflection that included an open workshop in Paris in July. The final Strategy document can be downloaded here.