JA2015 Preliminary results

Toys 4 (Plasticised toys)

Participants to Toys 4 visiting the laboratoryParticipants in Toys 4 visiting the test laboratory

A number of 255 plasticised toys, mainly plastic dolls, inflatable toys and bath/squeeze toys, have been tested for dangerous chemicals and around 20% of these have failed the tests. The 17 participants in the Toys 4 activity met at the laboratory in Italy to discuss the results.
The chemicals found over the required limit were: phthalates, Bisphenol A (BPA) and short-chained chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs).

During the following period, action will be taken to ensure that the non-compliant samples are removed from the market and that the economic operators take the necessary action to ensure that no such samples are being sold anywhere within the Single Market.
Similar to other product activities coordinated by PROSAFE, a Final Technical Report will be published by the end of this project.

Child Care Articles (Soothers and Soother Holders)

Participants in CCA5 met at the laboratory in ItalyChild Care Articles activity group, in Italy

The test results were also made available for the market surveillance authorities participating in the Child Care Articles activity of the Joint Action 2015. 196 soothers and soother holders have been tested and each authority will analyse the results and further decide what actions need to be taken. The main problems seen with soothers are risks of suffocation, choking on small parts, choking due to a lack of removal device, choking due to a lack of ventilation holes and chemical risks. Soother holders were reported for hazards including choking on small parts, finger entrapment, strangulation on straps and sharp edges.