In Memoriam of Fabio Gargantini

Fabio Gargantini Picture

One of our most devoted and outstanding collaborators has sadly passed away.

He has been with PROSAFE since the early days in the first EMARS (Enhancing Market Surveillance) project, more than 15 years ago now. Since then, Fabio helped improve the market surveillance in Europe for a large array of product sectors and legislative acts, enhancing the safety of non-food products by contributing to standards build-up or update.

His most notable contributions are leading the work on the Book of Best Practice, the Corrective Action Guide, driving the work in the first joint market surveillance actions on energy efficiency and safety of tyres, LED and CFL lights, safety of CO and smoke detectors, battery chargers, gas appliances, measurement of radiation coming from connected portable devices.

When being in the seat of the representative of the manufacturers of professional refrigeration appliances he supported greatly the collaboration between market surveillance authorities and the business sector to achieve a higher degree of compliance for the product sold on the EU market.

We will always remember Fabio as most dedicated to his work, striving for perfection, never afraid to grow or change, a fair colleague with a good sense of humour and a warm smile. May he rest in peace.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this challenging time.