PROSAFE is organising its next General Assembly in May 2022 and is looking for new members!

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Navigating the new landscape for market surveillance shaped by the emerging new realities for the European economies and societies is the clear challenge ahead of us.

It is now the time for a restart. To power-up the biggest market surveillance grid in place, to overhaul existing challenges and respond to these new realities arm-in-arm by generating greater efficiencies, there is a need to fast-track knowledge fusion across the harmonised sectors and scale up innovation in market surveillance.

That is what PROSAFE, the Product Safety Forum of Europe, has always been about. Looking back over the years, we can say with confidence that together, through our Joint Actions funded by the European Union, we have achieved a lot. And as a result of our joint efforts we improved the lives of people across Europe, served the environment, and at the same time helped level the playing field for the industry. But today, in this new context, it’s time to rethink our mission together and upgrade to the next level.

PROSAFE accelerated its efforts in 2020 and 2021 in this respect, nurturing the largest web of MSAs in record under a diversified portfolio of projects on product safety and compliance. That is, JAHARP18, EEPLIANT3, the JAHARP2020 Triplet, the ENERTP framework contract on energy efficiency product testing, the JAHARP2021 Omnibus currently in the pipeline (awarded, pending GA signature), and the PROPLIANT research study on measuring product non-compliance for all harmonised product sectors.

In this context but also in anticipation of future projects, how can we best align our strategic vision and sharpen our on-field priorities to reinforce and revamp EU market surveillance and secure and dedicate more EU-funding to market surveillance?

To respond to this challenge, we invite you to attend PROSAFE’s Open General Assembly, that will take place in virtual format on 31 May 2022 from 09:00 to 12:00. It follows the European Commission organised EU Product Compliance Network meeting and thus, those of you who are interested to attend in person the event, please let us know as we have the capacity to organise the event in hybrid format as well at our Office in Brussels (Avenue des Arts 41, 1040). To register to the event please fill in the form on our website.

This meeting will be a pivotal milestone for how we respond to the new EU market surveillance programme and other opportunities that will arise in this field. This event is open to PROSAFE’s members but also new candidates that wish to become a member.

Our partnership and joint work for the preparation and implementation of the various Joint Actions accentuated the added value brought in by your expert knowledge and experience in the field. Our common work can only be reinforced and sealed through your membership in PROSAFE, benefiting the entire EU market surveillance community. To this end, we would like to encourage you to consider becoming a member of the PROSAFE family or to reconfirm your interest to remain a member by following the steps below described.

How to become a Member of the PROSAFE General Assembly or reconfirm membership:
Membership in PROSAFE is free-of-charge. Being a member of PROSAFE makes you part of the largest interconnected community of market surveillance experts in Europe, and gives you privileged (early) access to the latest EU market surveillance developments (including new opportunities for EU-funded joint actions), good practices and smart tools that can help you and your organisation gain insight, improve your work, and grow professionally. Please complete and submit your one-off membership application following this link (time for completion approx. 2 min). Membership of PROSAFE is personal, open to individual market surveillance officers/inspectors.