JAHARP2020 Triplet - Final Press Release

JAHARP2020 Final Press Release visual for communications

The JAHARP2020 Triplet publishes its Final Press Release showcasing the final results, the main conclusions from the activities, and the policy recommendations to improve the level of Market Surveillance in the European Union.

The JAHARP2020 was a 24-month EU-co-funded triplet of projects that started in May 2021 and was completed in May 2023. 29 Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) from 22 EU Member States worked together to assess the safety of products for seven sector-specific areas against the requirements of the Union legislation and the applicable standards. Participating MSAs were also involved in two capacity-building activities aimed to create a cross-border harmonised approach for both the products' administrative requirements and the market surveillance activities for large TPE (tanks) transporting class 2 gases.

The results from all activities and inspections, which included checks on technical documentation and product testing, were discussed with the relevant stakeholders in a final, all-encompassing event held on 12 May 2023. PROSAFE – The Product Safety Forum of Europe was the project coordinator.

Read the Final Press Release by clicking the link below:

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