JA2010 - Laser Pointers

Non-compliant and dangerous laser pointers (and other laser products) can cause safety problems such as serious and permanent eye damages, temporary blinding and skin burns during skin care treatments. Several cases have been reported where high-power laser pointers have been used to (temporarily) blind airline pilots, engine drivers and car drivers, thus putting many more people at risk.

The primary objective of the activity was to ensure that laser products available on the EU market for consumers are safe, correctly classified and carry the appropriate warnings and instructions.

The activity had a test programme that included testing and assessment of all the relevant clauses in the standard EN IEC 60825-1 (2007).

The impact the activity had can be seen in the fact that 80% of the RAPEX notifications of laser pointers made during 2012 were as a result of the testing carried out by the Joint Action combined with the application of the Risk Assessment tool on the identified samples.