JA2016 - Climbing Equipment

The Joint Action 2016 (JA2016) will see work commence on personal protective equipment. Climbing equipment has been chosen as the first specific product class to be addressed during this JA2016 as a result of the general priority-setting exercise for the Joint Action carried out amongst the Member States.

climbing equipmentsThis work will include surveillance activities, product testing, risk assessment of the products tested and eventual action needed to be taken. Appropriate test methods for the other products will be identified as needed depending on the products sampled. The participants will carry out coordinated market surveillance in their national markets. 

The work plan comprises 6 project meetings (including a 2-day meeting with the participation of stakeholders), testing of an estimated 210 products with the results being presented at the final conference of the Joint Action. This work will of course be closely coordinated with the groups working on standards concerning PPE tools. The Joint Action will support the work with the definition and checking of the test methods, the reproducibility of the tests, etc.

The participants

The 9 Member States involved in the project are: Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Malata, Bulgaria, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway. PROSAFE is the leader of this product activity.

Image PPEThe Final Technical Report of this activity can be downloaded by clicking on the cover page of the report. Very interesting information can be found within this report and it is particularly useful for market surveillance authorities and anybody else interested to know more about market surveillance of Personal Protective Equipment - Climbing Equipment.