Nerea Ruiz Fuente (f) – MSc. Environmental Pollution and Toxicology and BSc. in Environmental Science – is ECOS Programme Manager working on Ecodesign regulatory and standardisation activities, and is responsible for several Horizon 2020 projects on the monitoring, verification and enforcement of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations. Prior to that, she worked on waste technical-policy issues for a Brussels-based federation, as a consultant on the ecodesign regulatory process, and as a sustainability project officer in green public procurement and conservation of natural sites.

ECOS has been contributing to the Ecodesign process for over a decade, from the regulatory level to the development of standards, to strengthening and promoting market surveillance activities. ECOS represents a network of 49 European and international environmental NGOs and is engaged in 300 standardisation groups within European and international standardisation systems.

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Nerea Ruiz

Nerea RUIZ
Programme Manager



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