EEPLIANT2014- Work Package 6 - Space and Combination Heaters

Scope of action


The Work Package 6 (EEPLIANT2014) developed and carried out document inspection, screen testing and full scale testing of space and combination heaters under 400 kW covered by the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No 811/2013 and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 813/2013. Individual models selected for verification were selected on a high risk basis, and with the aim to cover the relevant market share in individual countries and across the EU. 

Results and Impacts

Results for individual models were shared among the surveillance authorities across the EU, and legal action was taken concerning the non-compliant models. The overall results of the documentation inspection, screen testing and full scale testing activities were made available here upon the completion of the individual activities. Please note that the individual model related results are available through the Knowledge Base portal (for Market Surveillance Authorities only).

Energy Labels

A new heater or water heater comes with an energy label showing its energy efficiency class. For individual products, ratings go from G (least efficient) to A++ (most efficient). It is also possible to buy a combination of technologies, such as a boiler with a solar hot water storage tank, in order to reach an A+++ energy efficiency rating.


Ecodesign requirements are mandatory for all heater manufacturers and suppliers wishing to sell their products in the EU. The regulations set requirements on energy efficiency, nitrogen oxide emission levels, volume for storage water heaters and heat losses from hot water storage tanks.