Joint Action 2013

Joint Market Surveillance Action on GPSD Products 2013 (JA2013) is a single Action of joint pan-European market surveillance activities.

Timeline: 1 January 2014 to 28 February 2016
Newsletters: Mid-term 


The overall programme seeks to co-ordinate the product-specific market surveillance activities in the most efficient manner and provides an opportunity for further evaluating the best practices originally developed under the two EMARS projects, JA2009, JA2010 and now being applied and developed in the on-going JA2011 and JA2012.

Threefold structure

  • Method development activities aiming to develop methodologies and infrastructure that will support the market surveillance work in the Member States. These are: operation of existing systems such as the Rapid Advice Forum, the Knowledge Base, work on risk assessment and other initiatives promoting the continuous improvement of national systems such as CIMS; further development of our e-learning initiative focused on the market surveillance of consumer products including the development of additional e-learning modules. These activities develop over a period of one year and are now finalised. A technical report that summarises the findings of each working group has been published. for a copy, please click here
  • Project management and coordination activities are are common to all (or most) of the product-specific activities where PROSAFE wishes to encourage a consistent approach e.g. stakeholder outreach. They focus on: improved coordination of all Joint Actions being managed by PROSAFE; maintenance, implementation and further development of the existing best practice; using an appropriate IT tool to make information on PROSAFE’s activities more readily available to the Member States. 
  • Product-specific activities are purporting to increase the safety with a specific product or product category. These are:

The participants

Twenty-one EEA Member States participated within the financial framework of the project.