EEPLIANT2014 - Work Package 5 - Imaging Equipment (Printers)

Scope of Action

The Work Package 5 (EEPLIANT2014) developed and carried out an action for coordinated monitoring and verification of imaging equipment covered by the industry’s Voluntary Agreement for Imaging Equipment under the EU Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC). Activities included document inspection, screen testing and full scale testing. Individual models selected for verification were sampled on a high risk basis, and with the aim to cover the relevant market share in individual countries and across the EU.


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Results and Impact

At least 40 models of printers were verified and tested by EEPLIANT2014. Results for individual models were shared among the surveillance authorities across the EU, and legal action was taken concerning the non-compliant models. As the imaging equipment product category is covered by a voluntary agreement, results were also shared within the respective industry association representatives and members.


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