JAHARP2018 - Work Package 2 - Recreational Craft

Work Package 2 Coordinator: PROSAFE, BE
Work Package Leader: SAMTS, BG


The objective of this work package is to ensure non-compliant recreational craft are removed from the Single Market by supporting EU MSAs in their market surveillance activities with respect to EU harmonised legislation. Furthermore, the Joint Action has the objective of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of market surveillance in the recreational craft area, thereby contributing to a more uniform application of the rules set out in the applicable EU harmonised legislation.


The main objectives of the work package are summarised as follows:
• Identification of non-compliant recreational craft and appropriate actions to bring them into conformity or remove them from the market;
• Durable improvement of the general level of compliance and safety of recreational craft;
• Higher profile for market surveillance of recreational craft in general;
• Identification and development of best market surveillance practices for future actions;
• Appropriate responses from Standardisation Organisations and Notified Bodies to issues identified during the Joint Action.


7 Market Surveillance Authorities from the following 7 countries: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Sweden.