Invitation to express interest and provide information for Testing Laboratories - JAHARP2020-1 Gas cooking hobs and hot plates

PROSAFE is launching an Invitation to express interest and provide information for the Joint Action JAHARP2020-1 concerning testing laboratories. This work is part of Work Package 1 – Gas cooking hobs and hot plates. Further details about are included in the Official document.

Interested testing laboratories should submit the Requested information in Word format by 19 January 2022 via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject header “[name of the company] JAHARP2020-1 WP1 - Gas hobs Invitation” and copied to the relevant Work Package Facilitator, as indicated in the Official document.

The objective of this Joint Action is to raise the level of market surveillance in the product area concerned, thereby contributing to a more uniform application of the rules set out in the applicable EU harmonised legislation. JAHARP2020-1's Work Package 1 is a market surveillance exercise, where the Market Surveillance Authorities of each participating country will take samples of Cooking Hobs and Hot Plates from the market and send them to a common test laboratory in order to verify their safety and compliance with the applicable requirements PROSAFE is issuing this invitation to all known test laboratories competent in the product area concerned to express their interest in the task and provide information useful for the preparation of the Call for Tender.