EEPLIANT3 - Work Package 3 - Collaboration with customs authorities

Work Package Leader: Consumer Rights Protection Centre, Latvia
Work Package Coordinator: vores bureau, Denmark



Customs authorities are in the frontline in the fight against fraudulent and non-compliant products entering the EU. What's more, they have insight to the amount and types of energy related products being imported from third countries into the EU. Such information could be beneficial for market surveillance officers to help set priorities.

Additionally, some imported goods arrive in the EU just once as a single consignment and are quickly distributed through sales campaigns. Experience is that such “one-off imports” are often non-compliant, as the importers are not familiar with the regulations’ demands. However, such products are:

  1. Hard for market surveillance inspectors to identify on the market;
  2. Often sold out before market surveillance evaluations can be conducted.


To strengthen or obtain collaboration between MSAs within Ecodesing and Energy Labelling (ED/EL) and customs authorities with the aim to improve market surveillance effectiveness.

Work Plan

  • Setting the focus of the action;
  • Mapping of existing experience;
  • Aspects to further develop this collaboration;
  • Setting priorities for collaboration - defining risk criteria;
  • Development of tools and guidelines.


9 Market Surveillance Authorities and other 3 organisations from the following 11 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.