EEPLIANT3 - Work Package 2 – Development and implementation of IT tools 

Work Package Leader: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Work Package Coordinator: Austrian Energy Agency



The purpose of this work package is to develop and make available a suite of IT tools with the aim of transforming the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of Market Surveillance Authorities across the EU.
Various tasks in the market surveillance process for eco-design and energy labelling may be effectively supported by strategic IT tools, thereby significantly increasing the efficiency of market surveillance as a whole. Increased efficiency and productivity is particularly necessary in light of the doubling of legal requirements over the last six years without an equivalent increase in funding for enforcement.
This work package is designed to exploit the potential of supportive IT solutions by:


The main objectives of the work package are summarised as follows:

  • Assessment of the need for, and benefits of developing supporting IT tools for the different stages and tasks in the market surveillance process;
  • Identification and evaluation of effective tools already used or in development in the different member states;
  • Detection of gaps where no tools are available yet;
  • Adaptation (of two existing tools) or development of new tools (3 simple and 1 complex tool), including field testing and deployment in the countries involved;
  • The creation of a suitable framework to support current and future take-up of the tools developed by other Market Surveillance Authorities not participating in the Work Package.

Furthermore, the Work Package covers issues of connecting tools with relevant databases for market surveillance including EPREL, ICSMS and tools from previous EEPLIANT projects and the MSTyr15 project.


12 Market Surveillance Authorities and 3 other organisations from the following 11 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.