JAHARP2020-1 Work Package 2 - Harmonisation

Work Package Coordinator: PROSAFE, BE
Work Package Leader: OFCOM, CH



The scope of this Work Package is to generate measurable and verifiable impacts in the most cost-effective manner by surveying the state of compliance and safety of the internal market, identifying and dealing with dangerous and non-compliant products distributed both through traditional and digital supply chains (e-commerce).This transnational action aims to create multiplier effects with the dissemination of the project results beyond its lifecycle, and the replication or extrapolation of methods, lessons-learnt and best practices to future national and EU product market surveillance campaigns. 



The main objective of the Work Package are summarised as follows:

  • Observations and experiences from a common evaluation of non-compliances to administrative requirements, one ADCO group;
  • Observations and experiences from common evaluation of non-compliances to cross-cutting administrative requirements, more ADCO groups;
  • Observations and experiences from discussion of appropriate measures against non-compliances to administrative requirements.



8 Market Surveillance Authorities from the following 7 Countries: Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Sweden.